Please consider donating to JTYB Today!

UpdatedWednesday March 10, 2021 byJTYB Board.

          Like many areas, Covid-19 has hit our area hard, physically, emotionally and financially. JTYB is a Non-Profit entity that relies on the generosity of donations from our families, supporters and sponsors. In light of Covid-19, we hesitate to ask some of our loyal sponsors that have been impacted by the pandemic, for money. The hope is that if any of our families in our community are able, to help our sponsors put by donating towards the league and in turn, we are happy to proudly display any banners and marketing that we have on hand for these loyal sponsors. We have added several denominations to our online "store", if you are interested in donating a different amount that what is shown, please feel free to reach out to us and we can accommodate that as well.

Thank you in advance for your donations!

JTYB Board